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Terpenes, Terpenes, Terpenes

What are terpenes and how do they affect us?

Most people who use hemp and marijuana products have heard of terpenes. Oftentimes, these compounds are mentioned as something that might provide additional wellness benefits together with cannabinoids. But, what are terpenes? How do they work?

Terpenes are a group of substances that can be found in any plant. They provide that specific aroma to a species making it stand out.

The same terpene can be found in numerous plants, which is why some of them have very similar flavors but also similar medical properties. Needless to say, Happy Hemp Pharm uses these substances for their hemp products.

In this article, we will talk a bit more about terpenes, and we will go through some of the main terpenes that can be found in the cannabis plant.

What are terpenes?

As already mentioned, terpenes are aromatic oils that can be found in any plant. Furthermore, these substances are even present in some animals. Of course, hemp is full of them, and depending on a strain, a plant can have a unique terpene profile.

You can find these substances in almost any product nowadays. They are commonly used in the cosmetic industry for products such as perfumes, soaps, lotions, etc. However, you can also find them in certain types of food.

Although they might seem like nothing more than esthetic substances, they have a very important role. Oftentimes, terpenes are able to attract insects that would pollinate the plant. If a terpene has a strong, pungent smell, it can protect a plant from potential predators. But, they can also have a protective and immune function.

What’s the difference between terpenes and cannabinoids?

Terpenes and cannabinoids have a lot of differences.

Unlike terpenes, which can be found almost anywhere, cannabinoids are mainly present within the cannabis plant. According to limited data, experts believe that they are able to stimulate the endocannabinoid system, thus providing numerous wellness benefits.

Although most terpenes provide some positive wellness effects, they are not as potent as cannabinoids. Furthermore, they cannot stimulate the endocannabinoid system in the same way cannabinoids can (at least, based on what we know so far).

What are the most common hemp terpenes?

Hemp and cannabis have a wide variety of terpenes. They are the main reason why different CBD flowers provide such a different experience. Here are some of the most common terpenes found in cannabis:

ï Bisabolol

Chamomile flower has a lot of bisabolol. Given how we use chamomile, you can easily presume that this substance has soothing properties. The terpene provides a light aroma to the plant, and it might also assist the body through its analgesic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

ï Camphene

Most of the terpenes on this list have really pleasant undertones. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Camphene. This compound has an earthy flavor that feels really damp. The smell can be really disturbing for your nose, and people often confuse it with myrcene. Although not the best terpene esthetically, it more than makes up with its wellness properties. A lot of people use it for its antibacterial properties. The substance can especially be great for your skin.

ï Caryophyllene

Here is a terpene that you can find in cloves, cotton, and black pepper. It has a very wooden note with dashes of cinnamon. If you’re having stomach issues, caryophyllene can easily help you. The substance might also provide some anti-inflammatory benefits.

ï Eucalyptol

As you can presume from its name, this compound is common for the eucalyptus plant. Like the plant, it carries a wide variety of potential benefits. It might provide antifungal and antibacterial assistance, but it is even more popular as an antioxidant. Lastly, it might do wonders for your memory and energy.

ï Humulene

Humulene can be found in several plants. It has an amazing earthy taste that is very common for beer. When using plants with this terpene, you will feel a strong hoppy aroma. In terms of its potential benefits, humulene might boost your body by providing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial relief.

ï Limonene

This is the second most common terpene within hemp and marijuana. As the name suggests, it provides that strong citrusy aroma to the plant. It is especially great for the gastrointestinal tract as it might provide a strong relief to this part of the body. It might also improve your mood and focus.

ï Linalool

Lavender has a lot of linalool. The terpene is commonly associated with stress relief and can be really good for improving sleep patterns. This substance may provide a lot of direct and indirect benefits by improving your state of mind.

ï Myrcene

ï This terpene is very common for thyme, hops, lemongrass, mango, and of course, cannabis. Experts believe that Myrcene is important for relaxing the muscles. However, it might also have a minor anti-inflammatory function. That being said, it can be great for people who are under a lot of physical stress.

ï Phytol

Phytol has that nice smell of freshly cut grass. It can be found in green tea leaves, and most people praise it for its antioxidant traits.

ï Pinene

ï This terpene is common for pine trees, but it can also be found in cooking plants. You can find pinene in basil, rosemary, parsley, and dill. It is especially potent for memory and alertness. A lot of people also use it for antiseptic properties. Pinene might also work well in conjunction with THC by mitigating some of its drawbacks.

ï Terpinolene

ï If you're looking for a terpene with a woody undertone, there aren't many as amazing as terpinolene. Terpinolene can be found in tea tree oil, lilac, sage, and rosemary. Terpinolene can provide a soothing feeling within your body and brain.

ï Valencene

Valencene has amazing wellness potential. Its strong orange aroma is really amazing, and it might work as an insect repellant.

Happy Hemp Pharm uses various terpenes for their CBD products. These aromatic oils are awesome on their own, but when combined with cannabinoids, they can provide such a strong impact on your body and mind.

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